Four Color Bleed has launched on Kickstarter!

fcb centered cover

My novel about comic books, nostalgia, and the nature of reality is finally revealed to the world. As of right now, we’re one-third funded on Kickstarter and going for the gold. But don’t take my word for it: listen to me say it in our campaign video. A good friend nearly died in that eyeball helmet, so give it a watch.

After scaring everyone with Monsters All the Way Down, I wanted to have some fun. Four Color Bleed is everything I wanted it to be, a book about friendship, dog-eared comic books, and heroes punching villains in the face. It’s a book you’ll love, especially with illustrations by Rian Gonzales, Weshoyot Alvitre, Ben Zmith, Morgan Perry (aka Geauxta), Ben Cohen, Kevin Kelly, Adam Prosser, and Chris “Chance!” Brown.


But this book will only exist when the fundraising campaign succeeds. Please support this project on Kickstarter. Because, with everyone’s help, this book will really be something special.

Four Color Bleed. Now on Kickstarter.