“How’d the Book Launch go?” and updates.

I’ve been neck deep in requesting reviews, and it’s slowly paying off. I have a guest post on the illustrious Longbox Graveyard: The Influence of Sequential Art on My Novel or: How I Shoved Comics Into A Book Without Pictures. I talk about some of my favorite comics and their influence on Monsters All the Way Down. I’m a fan of Paul’s site and his Twitter shenanigans, so I was excited to contribute.

Despite the rain trying to wash us away, the book launch on September 5 was a huge success. From the moment I set up shop, I was chatting with folks and signing books. I really appreciate everyone that braved the storm to make it to Sunset Galleries, and a huge thanks to Ken Wampler for hosting the launch at his gallery!

book launch 2

I almost drowned, but I sold books.

I was a total basket case leading up to the launch, and my wife did an amazing job putting up with me. I don’t get stage fright, but releasing a book was terrifying. Looks like I was worried over nothin’, because the response has been excellent, and I’m looking forward to reading the reviews over the coming months.

As for the future, I have a few short stories that are almost ready to leave the nest. The current big project is the next novel, which is in revisions. The plan is to get through a few drafts by the end of the year so I can run a Kickstarter in the spring to pay for illustrators.

Coming up on the blog in the next couple of weeks will be posts on “How to Feel Like A Real Big Shot Author at Your Book Launch” and on my work with Josh Jordan and PK Sullivan on the Tell Me Another podcast.

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