Four Color Bleed


Four Color Bleed, available now in paperback and Kindle editions.

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Ryan McSwain’s follow-up to the four-star rated Monsters All the Way Down is a novel about comics, nostalgia, and the nature of reality.

Ralph Rogers was the darling of the comic book industry, a teenage artist who’d taken the world by storm. He had it all, until a high-profile scandal left him in disgrace. Years later, his reputation in tatters, Ralph has fallen into an obsession with the legendary lost comics of Pithos Publishing—a shadowy company that vanished into the fog of time. As he uncovers the mystery of Pithos, the curtain unravels between his own mundane life and a fantastic version of reality. Ralph suddenly has everything he’s ever wanted: He’s a celebrity, a beloved artist, and he’s been reunited with the girl of his dreams. But soon this new paradigm turns deadly, and Ralph must fight for his life in a land where the impossible is commonplace, where caped heroes rule the sky, and where the villainous Ocularist will stop at nothing to conquer the world.

Digital and paperback editions now available.


Cover design by Rory Harnden, with art by Adam Prosser.

Featuring illustrations by Rian Gonzales, Weshoyot Alvitre, Ben Zmith, Morgan Perry (aka Geauxta), Ben Cohen, Kevin Kelly, Adam Prosser, and Chris “Chance!” Brown.



Editing by Jonathan Baker.

Layout by Phillip Gessert.

Adorable author photo by Dustin Taylor.


Available Now.